Agricultural branch is represented by activities such as the cultivation and sale of a number of grain and industrial crops; seed production; breeding cattle for milk production. There are six agricultural enterprises in the structure of Agro Energy Group. Currently, the self-sufficiency level with agricultural machinery is approximately 90%, incl. harvesters, heavy tractors etc.

The Group has agricultural land of 8 000 hectares in the Cherkasy region of Ukraine. Land Bank is represented by highly productive black soil, and consideration being given to the right crop rotation of the maintenance of soil fertility. Structure of soils: low humus black soil and light loam black soil.

The group has its own storage area of crops that provide a range of services for farms.

High-protein wheat, spelt, corn, sunflower, rapeseed, clover, alfalfa

The Group produces seeds of wheat, sunflower and other crop.

The technology of milk production meets all the norms and standards, so we can guarantee a high quality product for the consumer.

Agro Energy Group
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