Pellet boilers production

Agro Energy Group produces solid fuel boilers "Energy" with automatic fuel supply. The boilers are manufactured on high-tech production in Ukraine of high-quality European components (mobile retort burner, control electronics in pellet boilers).

The boilers are focused on a wide range of use: for household to industrial use.


Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers are produced for use of all kinds of pellets, wood chips and certain types of coal. The capacity of the boilers is from 25 kW to 100 kW. Intended for installation in the premises with the area started from 200 m2.

The advantages of our pellet boilers:

  • The boilers are designed for combustion of all kinds of pellets (including affordable straw pellets), coal and wood chips.
  • Cast iron, retort burner with continuous self-cleaning function.
  • Steel boiler drum of 3-5mm is tested for leakproofness by pressure of 6 ATM with the workload 1,5-2,5 ATM.
  • Four heat exchanger (convector), which can be cleaned without shutting down the boiler.
  • Pellet boilers "Energia" cost much cheaper than imported ones.
  • The controller automatically controls the operation of the boiler, CH pump, DHW pump. It is possible to connect a thermostat staff and outside temperature sensor (weather-automatic) which saves about 25% of fuel.
  • Pellet boiler "Energia" is an environmentally friendly boiler without harmful combustion products.

Multi-fuel boilers "Energia" comply with the following documents and standards: DBN B.2.5, DBN D.2.2-18-99; DBN V.2.5-74; DBN D.2.2-16; DBN V.2.5-39.

Pellet boilers are produced according to TT U 25.3-36783545-001: 2014.

Permissible fraction is up to 10 mm, length is 40 mm, humidity is up to 12%, ash content is up to - 10%. ENERGY EFFICIENCY boiler, not less - 85%. Electricity consumption - 200Vat / h. Efficiency of the boilers not less than - 85%. Electricity consumption - 200Vat / h.

You can request detailed information by phones of Sales Department: +38 (050) 330-08-15, +38 (067) 462-85-11 or by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Certificates of the boilers "Energia":

Certificate of Compliance of pellet boiler

Certificate of Compliance of automation

Certificate of Conformity of the burner

Certificate of Conformity 

The license for energy supply

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