Pellets production

Agro Energy Group produces pellets from agrarian biomass - straw of wheat, canola and corn. 

The plant capacity allows to ensure the supply of the product up to 3000 tons per month.

Due to our own raw material base, we can guarantee  stable supply and high quality of the product.

Pellets are made in accordance with the requirements of technical specifications (TS).

Packing: big bags of 1 ton,  paper bags of 25 kg, plastic bags of 15 kg and 20 kg.

Manufacturing of bags with logos of a customer if needed. 

The benefits of using straw pellets:

• Large raw materials base provides a guaranteed year-round supply;

• High energy characteristics (calorific value is 3,600 kcal/kg or 13,4-14,4 MJ/kg);

• Environmental fuel;

•Benefits in figures: 2.5 kg pellets replace 1 m3 of natural gas; pellets have a much lower moisture content than wood (8-12% vs. 30-50%); compared with wood, calorific of straw pellets is only below 12% -15%.

The versatility of straw pellets allows to use them not only as a fuel but also as a bedding for domestic and farm animals.


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